Christmas Parties

Imagine Presentations, based in Aspley Guise just outside Milton Keynes, run Christmas Parties Unlimited, an online portal listing a huge range of venues that provide Christmas parties in the UK. The service is long-established, and very popular with search engines, but on the old site, the design was out of date and staff found it nearly impossible to produce a good-looking party listing.

The process of uploading a party was painfully slow, with plenty of testing and retesting required to achieve an acceptable result. Imagine Presentations asked Prominent Media to build a new, bespoke system from scratch.

An unexpected advantage to building the site from scratch was the opportunity to make it mobile-friendly. David Cowlard, Managing Director of Imagine Presentations admits that that was not the prime focus of the redevelopment, but a nice additional extra. Another bonus, compared to the old system, was the responsiveness of Prominent Media’s staff; because David could deal directly with a friendly web developer, he didn’t have the frustration of a ‘support ticket’ process. This meant that any issues could be quickly resolved.

It was essential that every link on the old site transferred over to the new site - hundreds of parties and locations - which was a complicated process but one that Prominent Media knew was essential. Their efforts paid off as the site transferred over seamlessly.

The Imagine Presentations team were delighted with the finished result, as were the venues they showed it to. Many high end venues are now happy to list on the site, as it is clearly a market leader and looks the part. Behind the scenes, the time taken to add a new party has dropped from over an hour to around twenty minutes, making everyone’s lives much easier.

Upon seeing the new site, one hotel chain agreed to add all thirty of their venues to the system – a massive boost that repaid half the development cost in year one! David and his team are delighted with the website, and the advice Prominent Media gave them.

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