Meet the team

We always devote the right people to the right tasks, so you know the person developing your website or writing complex code always has the skills and experience needed.

Iain Row

Formerly a software developer at the Open University, Iain has a natural affinity for solving business problems with logical and lateral thinking, and he enjoys putting his mind to work in this way. During his programming years he learnt that some of the things people assume will work well on the web don’t actually work that well, especially if they’re not standards compliant. By combining technical skill with an easy, approachable manner, Iain helps all our clients to feel confident that the solution we deliver is perfect for them.

He's also really, really tall. The Internet has been a godsend when it comes to buying clothes. 

Derek Sorensen

Derek has been a software developer since the early 1980s, working on applications as diverse as mainframe banking systems in COBOL, data capture on Palm Pilot devices, and low-level communications protocols between computers. Always fascinated by network applications, moving to the World Wide Web - and internet programming in general - was a natural step. With a great deal of experience in PHP, Derek found the move to ASP.NET an interesting challenge. He is excellent at spotting potential software pitfalls ahead of anybody else, with a flair for producing highly effective software.

Derek once got a slow-running script down from 45 minutes to under 20 seconds, at which point we nicknamed him the Master of Magnitude.

Manuel Peralta

With a good eye for detail and sound knowledge of the Web, Mani's key skills include: CSS, JavaScript, XHTML, C#, .NET Framework and MySQL. His work is predominantly on the front end implementing web sites and he is quickly gaining experience working on database driven systems and dynamic e-commerce websites. Our resident WordPress wizard, there is very little he doesn't know about the popular open-source CMS.

A few years ago, Mani stole the show on BBC1's Total Wipeout as the 'Tinku Warrior'.

Dave Barnett

A teacher in a previous life, until the siren call of web development lured him away, Dave combines a logical mindset and creative problem solving to great effect. His maths background gives him a headstart when it comes to producing software that generates complex reports, which is increasingly requested by our clients.

Dave is absurdly, unfeasibly quick over 5k. It's ridiculous. 

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