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Ellie Burridge

Ellie is currently using her English Literature and Creative Writing degree to write about herself on the Prominent Media website.

Having worked part-time for Prominent Media since the age of sixteen, it was a natural progression to join the team on a more permanent basis after the completion of her education. She was excited to take a hobby (correcting people’s grammar) and turn it into a career. Her favourite form of punctuation is the comma.

Fun facts:

  • Ellie lived and studied in San Francisco for a year. The first thing she did there was visit one of the filming locations of the 1994 film Interview with the Vampire.
  • The skill she is most proud of is her ability to give people personalised recommendations of the order in which they should watch acclaimed sit-com It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
  • She writes reviews of films and TV, some of which can be found here.

"We make sure we fully understand the brief before we do anything. It means we can get the project up and running for you more quickly and we know what outcome you want from it.

We have a good reputation and we want you to recommend us or use us again yourself. If our work doesn’t bring you the results you want, you won’t come back! That’s why we have a growing team in-house to build your website, install your WebShop, set up a high-end content management system or create bespoke software applications – and to make sure it’s exactly what you want."

Iain Row

Managing Director

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