Auction Lots, based in South Milton Keynes, specialise in running silent auctions – where people bid privately over a few hours, rather than in public with an auctioneer – for charities and corporate events. They rely heavily on technology to make their events a success.

Prominent Media had already created their tablet-based auction software, but Dave Smith, the Managing Director, was keen to steal a march on the competition by using the power of the web to allow an auction to run online and offline simultaneously. Using Auction Lots’ new system, people could use their own smartphones to make bids, and they would not even need to be in the same room to participate in the auction.

One immediate advantage of this was that Auction Lots could offer their services at a lower price, because they would not need to provide as many tablets as usual. In addition, because the auction was online, it could start in advance of the evening, allowing the best possible price to be realised for each item in the auction.

Dave was delighted with the finished system, which kept the previous system’s ease of use, reducing the learning curve for adding new lots. He can now service events with far more attendees, because he’s not limited by the amount of tablets he has available. His customers are delighted too, because the vastly expanded audience means that each auction can raise the greatest amount possible.

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