Gardenia of London

Gardenia of London is a popular South London florist of many years standing. As traders in beautiful things, they know the importance of design to a business.

The biggest barrier to selling successfully online was their need for their online offering to match the delivery flexibility of their offline ‘bricks and mortar’ service. As an established florist, they have a fleet of vans to deliver their flowers and supplementary products, and a long-established process for offering same-day and next day delivery, both locally and nationwide. It was imperative that the online system could cope with this in a robust way.

Further complexity was introduced by the wide range of products they sell. Although flowers make up the bulk of their sales, they also deliver seasonal items such as Christmas trees, and these need to be accurately priced for delivery. A person ordering a Christmas tree could receive an evening delivery on the same day, and if that order also contained some flowers they would not charge for it. The website had to demonstrate the same intelligence.

Competition for florists in London is intense, and it was essential to Jamie Grant, the owner of the business, that Gardenia should not fall behind.

As an established business, Gardenia already has a team of people supporting their marketing efforts, including consultants, designers and in-house experts. It was important for Prominent Media to slot in seamlessly with their efforts. Jamie’s aim was to partner with an expert to deliver their website, and Prominent Media was delighted to take on that role.

Jamie was pleasantly surprised by just how “super-friendly” the team at Prominent Media were; something he says is not always the case in I.T companies. He was also impressed with Prominent Media’s Bug Free Guarantee – on the odd occasions where he has noticed something awry, the response has always been instant.

Sales have increased year-on-year, and in 2016 were up 30% on the year before. The website, for its part, contributes over £60,000 per year in revenue. Jamie says that working with Prominent Media is “Amazing, simple and pain-free.”

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