Online Software

As businesses grow, they often have needs that off-the-shelf website software can't meet. At Prominent Media, we are specialists in developing exactly the right piece of software to enable the growth of your company.

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Simple Websites

All of our websites include professional, bespoke design and a Content Management System so that you can make changes to the site yourself. They are also mobile-friendly, with responsive design at no extra cost.

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Online Commerce

Over the past ten years, ecommerce has revolutionised the way we do business, making global sales a reality for millions of small and medium sized businesses in a way that was impossible just two decades ago.

At Prominent Media, we have been at the forefront of online trading since our inception in May 2000; in fact our first ever website was an online webshop for a traditional sweet shop. Please take a look at some of our other stories below.


The app came about because Iain - our MD - has a friend who manages the council team in Milton Keynes that supports people with learning disabilities.

One of their programmes involves providing a job pushing a sandwich trolley around the council offices, which is great because it involves taking responsibility, dealing with people and handling cash; all valuable skills.

They identified a need for an app that would act as a simple cash till, letting people press a button for each item and adding up the total. Then, when people hand over the money they can press the appropriate buttons and count what has been tendered. Finally, if the customer has overpaid, it helps them give the appropriate change.

This the key innovation, because obviously there are a number of ways to give, say, £3.80 in change, depending on what coins are available. You really have to see it in action to see how easy it makes this process.

(There's a short video below which shows it in use)