Katy Berrill was looking for a service to provide organisations whereby they could easily upload and keep track of documentation, but she needed Prominent Media to help build it. Her priorities were simplicity and functionality for clients, and she wanted to avoid excessive technical jargon from whomever she worked with. Luckily, Iain and the team at Prominent Media always make sure to be clear and informative with clients – never blinding them with science.

Katy was pleasantly surprised by Prominent Media’s commitment to forming a partnership with clients, taking on ideas and only guiding in terms of what was and wasn’t possible. The entire process was collaborative, with creative input provided by both sides and utilised to result in the best possible finished product.

Since the launch of the bespoke software, Katy has been impressed by the value it has added to her business. As a subscription service, ComplianceManaged® ensures ongoing revenue and has helped countless clients get – and stay – organised.

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