Bakro International Transport Ltd, based in Milton Keynes, have been sustainable transport, storage and distribution specialists since 1986. They’d had a website prior to working with Prominent Media, but it hadn’t been meeting their needs as a 21st century company.

Their website had been “adequate”, but one of Prominent Media’s first concerns was that it wasn’t mobile friendly, an especially important feature with technology advancing the way it is. Kieran Ward, the Sales and Development Director, was excited to update the website and give it the modernisation that would keep it competitive.

Bakro was reliant on Prominent Media’s innovative ideas to take their old-school approach and change it into a website with mass appeal. They hoped that PM’s involvement would bring new clients and more business – and it did. According to Ward, the redesigned and redeveloped website has attracted more customers and helped with advertising the company.

Ward was also impressed by the approachable and friendly members of the Prominent Media team, who build up friendship with their clients alongside a professional relationship.

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