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DAC Services

DAC Services
DAC Services

D.A.C. Services are heating specialists. They offer highly skilled gas boiler servicing – but up until recently, they didn’t have a website.

Their desire to become a more commercial enterprise brought them to Prominent Media’s front door, and they were thrilled to find a web design company who offered simple advice, were “really helpful” and never turned down a request for assistance or guidance.

"It was everything that we asked for."

Jeanette Quigley

For D.A.C. Services, it was about getting noticed and building a presence on the web. It was all very new to them, however, and Prominent Media offered them the experience and efficiency they so desperately wanted.

A joint effort

Prominent Media’s goal is to work with customers to create the best website possible, one tailored to fit every client’s needs. In this case, everything from the wording to the colours to the layout was chosen carefully as a joint effort between PM and D.A.C. Services, with the end result being something to make both companies proud. Summing up their experience with Prominent Media in one word was easy: “Perfect.”

To find out what we can do for your business, please use the contact form below or give us a call on +44 (0)1908 239971.

"We make sure we fully understand the brief before we do anything. It means we can get the project up and running for you more quickly and we know what outcome you want from it.

We have a good reputation and we want you to recommend us or use us again yourself. If our work doesn’t bring you the results you want, you won’t come back! That’s why we have a growing team in-house to build your website, install your WebShop, set up a high-end content management system or create bespoke software applications – and to make sure it’s exactly what you want."

Iain Row

Managing Director

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