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Lynx Networks

Lynx Networks
Lynx Networks

Lynx Networks is a computer network, cabling and telephone system company. They also provide IT support for Milton Keynes. To be able to compete with other data cabling companies in the area, its website needs to be easy to find.

Alan Bullen, managing director, was keen to have a new website to promote the company’s professional service. The old site was starting to look dated, but its continued presence on the web for five years had resulted in good page rankings with Google. Alan was keen to maintain this ranking with a new website but, because brand new pages don’t have any ranking and it takes time to build up a score with Google, he didn’t know if it would be possible.

"With Prominent Media I found a company that understood the value of a website to me. We can change it ourselves: testimonials, news items and case studies. We can also assign them to the area of the website where we think it would be good to read them – so it’s linked to what the web visitor needs.

They are always available and always very responsive, so everything happened quickly."

Alan Bullen

Through joint involvement with Young Enterprise, Alan had already come across Prominent Media and had met Iain Row, managing director and senior web developer. Iain explained that it would be possible to maintain the Google rankings from the previous website, as well as build on that success with an impressive new site.

Iain built a system that takes ‘requests’ from the old pages (people searching for the page) and transfers them to the new page – and takes the page ranking with it. Customers cannot see this transition. Instead, they arrive straight at the new site, but Google and other search engines can understand the link between the old and new pages and assign the ranking appropriately.

Prominent Media was also able to implement a design that had been previously commissioned by Lynx Networks. It meant that Alan from Lynx could keep costs to a minimum.

Easy to update

Alan was keen to be able to maintain the site easily himself. This is also one of Prominent Media’s aims for all its clients – empowering them with more control of their own sites. With Lynx, the site needed an underlying database and, once it was set up, this could be easily maintained by Lynx staff.

Adding the personal touch

Lynx Networks has a good reputation, which stems from an excellent track record and happy customers. Each page of its large site has an ‘Our clients say’ area, with a little bit of great feedback from a happy customer – and the feedback changes each time the page is refreshed. With so much good feedback to work with, Iain could see a way of making the feedback, news items and case studies extra-effective and also directly relevant to the page being viewed.

For example, the ‘Schools’ page explains how Lynx can help to meet the needs of schools, and on this page the feedback comes from a head teacher. It means that Lynx Networks already has someone from the same sector vouching for their service. So, if you’re a school administrator looking for a data cabling company, the chances are fairly high that the feedback you read is from someone you’ve already heard of!

Even better, each time you visit the same ‘Schools’ page, there’s a new piece of feedback from a school, and the case studies and news items are also linked to that sector. It means the prospective customer starts to get an impression of a highly-trusted local service and, as the page changes so frequently, it improves the Google page rankings even further!

Smooth production

Alan was as happy with the process of actually building the website as he was with the finished results

To find out what we can do for your business, please use the contact form below or give us a call on +44 (0)1908 239971.

"We make sure we fully understand the brief before we do anything. It means we can get the project up and running for you more quickly and we know what outcome you want from it.

We have a good reputation and we want you to recommend us or use us again yourself. If our work doesn’t bring you the results you want, you won’t come back! That’s why we have a growing team in-house to build your website, install your WebShop, set up a high-end content management system or create bespoke software applications – and to make sure it’s exactly what you want."

Iain Row

Managing Director

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