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Winter Night Shelter

Winter Night Shelter
Winter Night Shelter

Winter Night Shelter is a charity dedicated to providing support for Milton Keynes’ homeless, particularly during the coldest months of the year. At the beginning of 2018, the shelter was stuck with a website designed by a volunteer who was no longer around to update the site, making it impossible for necessary edits to be made. Furthermore, the site was little more than a noticeboard, with no way for visitors to donate or sign up to volunteer.

Prominent Media stepped up to provide Winter Night Shelter with the website they deserved, prioritising increased functionality and a more professional look. Sara Millington, Communications Manager for the shelter, was immediately wowed by the finished product. Since the shelter’s website is now more easily found through search engines like Google, it is more accessible for both the homeless population looking for a place to stay and volunteers looking for ways to offer support.

“I can say, hand on heart, that having that redesigned website was a turning point for our charity. It took us from a volunteer-led site that had been cobbled together, that was out-of-date and not fit for purpose, and it gave us a window to the world.”

Sara Millington

Sara has been particularly impressed by the control she now has over the site, with the option to edit content for herself while also having every opportunity to contact the Prominent Media team for help. As someone without a background in tech, she was initially worried about being out of her depth during the planning process, but Iain and the entire team were able to put her at ease, explaining everything in plain English and ensuring that Sara understood.

The Winter Night Shelter now has a thriving website, doing its part to provide support for the community.

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We have a good reputation and we want you to recommend us or use us again yourself. If our work doesn’t bring you the results you want, you won’t come back! That’s why we have a growing team in-house to build your website, install your WebShop, set up a high-end content management system or create bespoke software applications – and to make sure it’s exactly what you want."

Iain Row

Managing Director

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